Grey and Yellow Master Bedroom Remodel and Update

The current room in our house that I've been tackling is our Master Bedroom. What started this room for me? It was the discovery of two curtains at HomeGoods. One in a lovely yellow floral and the other in a floral and bird print in grey and yellow. I had been debating for some time about leaving the rooms the tan/yellow paint color, and this clinched it for me. Funny how something can inspire your design even something as simple as a print and color on curtains. (I went with the bird print, but kept the yellow for something else.)

Here is a  BEFORE photo of our bedroom from one of the previous owners:

Here's what we've done so far to update the space:
- Remove the carpet and change it to a dark, brown laminate flooring
- Decorate with new bedding, curtains, pillows, a chair, new lamps, and other items have been added
- Create a gallery wall of photos

We really haven't done that much except decorate. I'm a "make it work" kind of gal and kept thinking that in the bedroom the yellow was working. While it was driving me crazy in the rest of the house, it felt soothing in our bedroom. So I wanted to work with it and see what we could create.

Here are some CURRENT photos of our bedroom:

Some things I tried:
- Extending the look of the window with curtains= FAIL. What I wanted to do was fill that space (see photo below) with more fabric to help center the window in the room. You need at least two curtains on the left side to accomplish this and they didn't have another set of these at HomeGoods. Lesson learned. We'll be moving that left curtain rod back over closer to the end of the curtains. I wanted to try this as the window is centered on the wall but feels off-centered with the corner fireplace. Oh well. Nice try.

 - Working with our smaller bedside tables, but I'm thinking we'll need to go bigger with these. The new king-sized bed will come in first to see if that's really what needs to happen. Getting the scale right has been my biggest issue. I always underestimate the size of things I need for this house. Sigh. I'll get it right someday. This is one of the reasons I rarely order items online. I need to see them in the house. And I definitely sometimes need to return things.

What could come next:
- Frame in the niche and create an entirely new look for the fireplace.

- New King Bed with tufted headboard I found on the cheap at the store "At Home." We need to find the right mattresses for us (we like firm, pillowtop so if you have a suggestion let me know!).

- New rug as the current rug will look tiny with a king-sized bed.
- Fix the curtain rod and finish decorating the space.

- Curtains: HomeGoods
- Curtain rod, and wooden lamps: Target
- Bedside tables: Walmart
- Outdoor chair: Ikea
- Pillows on Bed and chair: Homegoods
- Striped Blanket: Target
- Blanket on bed: Target
- Bedding: some from Target and some from Bed, Bath and Beyond
- Wooden shelf: vintage
- Frames on Gallery Wall: Walmart (they come with mats--look for the square 11" ones)
- White bench with baskets: Pottery Barn
- Home Decor items: HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc.


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  2. You and me the blanket and the yellow pillows from Target! Love the bedspread (duvet cover?). Been looking for inexpensive white. Really like yours. I ordered one off Joss+Main. We'll see how it works. :)

  3. This is beautiful!! I LOVE the pretty colors you used and the photo wall looks fabulous!!

  4. It's all just gorgeous Jen! Love grey as a neutral!


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