How to Center a Dining Room Light

One of the things that drove me crazy about the kitchen we inherited when we moved in, was the massive light taking up tons of visual space in the room. I knew that in order to "open up" the kitchen we would need to change that. But I also knew that we would likely end up re-centering the light based on my plans for the space. So here's what we did.

How to center a dining room light from #kitchenlighting #diningroomlighting

To give you an idea of what it looked like to start with, here is a BEFORE photo of the lighting in the kitchen (that light weighed about 20 pounds and was NOT centered in the kitchen, in fact you can see they must have changed its position at some point):

How to center a dining room light from #kitchenlighting #diningroomlighting

To get the style I wanted, I picked a gorgeous "Allen & Roth" chrome chandelier from Lowe's from their in-stock options:

To Center the Light:

1. We removed the large light and then hung the new light where the current electrical box existed.

How to center a dining room light from #kitchenlighting #diningroomlighting

2. We then centered the table where we wanted the light to go and marked the spot above this space on the ceiling. My husband added a hook in white to this spot. Then we hung the chain of the light on this hook until we had it hanging exactly the height we wanted.

How to center a dining room light from #kitchenlighting #diningroomlighting

Here is how the light looks now:

How to center a dining room light from #kitchenlighting #diningroomlighting

You are not stuck with lighting the way that it is. You can hire an electrician to rewire or add wiring for lights. An electrician can also hang new lights for you or you can easily do it yourself. My husband handles all our new lighting changes. You can use a hook and also re-center the light. Or you can add mood lighting with candles, lanterns, and more.

Now when I look from my kitchen into my Great Room the lighting doesn't interrupt the line of sight which is important when you're trying to make a space appear larger.

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