Diary of a Memory Keeper #15: Creating During a Crisis

Today I'm sharing my latest "Diary of  Memory Keeper" vlog. In this video, I share a little bit about our recent vacation, the accident we were involved in, and other big and hard things that happened all this week. Do you struggle to be creative when you're going through hard things? You're not alone. While some people prefer to work through it with creativity, others have to take a break. There is no wrong way to approach dealing with a loss, stress, grief, or a life trial.

You can watch the video HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Here's a look at the truck after it rolled. We were VERY, very lucky to escape without any bumps, bruises, or scratches. The Lord watched over us and kept us safe the entire time.

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  1. Glad you are all safe, by the mercy of our Lord!!!

  2. So grateful you are all okay and safe! Many hugs to you all.

  3. So glad you and your family wasn't hurt. Hugs. Your message really hit home with me because I am so thankful for this creative outlet. Since February 14, there has been three deaths in my family and my way of coping was to go up in my studio and create. I'm glad I had deadlines and worked around the craziness of funeral planning etc. It truly is my therapy first and foremost. I hope you are back to normal soon and sometimes it's just good to get it out and share like you have done. Hugs to you Jennifer.

    1. Lee-Anne, I am SO sorry. Please know you're in my thoughts!

  4. Thank God you and your family are ok. You are absolutely right. It is ok to take a creative break. There are no rules in documenting our lives. Many blessing.

  5. So happy you and your family are ok! :)

  6. So happy you and your family are ok! :)

  7. So glad that everyone's ok.


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