Chatting on the Live Inspired Podcast with Tracie Claiborne

I had the loveliest opportunity to chat creative business with Tracie Claiborne on her incredible "Live Inspired" podcast just a few short weeks ago. In this episode, we chat about how I both work full time for Echo Park and Carta Bella Paper and maintain my own small business. To be honest it's not always easy and requires a lot of long days (for instance today after working a nine hour day for Echo Park, I worked an additional six hours on an outside contract job). Tracie asked a lot of really insightful questions, and it was an absolute pleasure to talk with her. Plus I'm a sucker for a Southern accent having lived in the South for four years.

You can listen in HERE.

Tracie also featured me in a special Youtube episode the following Friday, which you can watch HERE or below:

I want to thank Tracie for the opportunity to talk with her. I admire women who know who they are, who are making a difference in the world, and who are uplifting other women all over the world. Be sure to listen in to Tracie's weekly podcasts which she offers through her website HERE.

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