Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scrapbooking Idea Books for Under $5

Are you looking for some scrapbooking layout inspiration that you can take with you to your next crop or print out and use when your creative juices strike? Then you'll want to take a look at my Scrapbooking Ebooks now on sale for 50% off this month only. You can find all of my Ebooks HERE. Here's a closer look at each title.

Please note that many of these books coordinate with the scrapbooking workshop of the same name. If you bought the workshop, you already have this book. The Ebook standalone product is for people who prefer to learn through printouts rather than videos.

Scrapbooking Ebooks

Beyond the Box: Creative Scrapbooking Journaling Design Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/beyond-the-box-creative-journaling-design-ebook/

($2.49 through October 31)

Double the Pleasure: Double Page Scrapbooking Layout Design by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/double-the-pleasure-double-page-scrapbooking-ebook/

($2.49 through October 31)

Mood-Based Scrapbooking: Using Moodboards for Scrapbook Inspiration Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/mood-based-scrapbooking-ebook/

($2.49 through October 31)

Scrapbook Stamping: Using Stamps on Scrapbook Layouts Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/scrapbook-stamping-ebook/

($3.99 through October 31)

The Boys are Back in Town: Masculine Scrapbooking Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/the-boys-are-back-in-town-masculine-scrapbooking-ebook/

($2.49 through October 31)

Tool Schoo: Using Popular Tools on Your Scrapbooks in New Ways Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/tool-school-scrapbooking-ebook/
($3.99 through October 31)

Words Unsaid: Scrapbooking Journaling Prompts Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/words-unsaid-scrapbooking-ebook/

($3.99 through October 31)

Working with a Scrapbooking Creative Team Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/working-with-a-creative-team-ebook/

($2.49 through October 31)

Here's a peek inside one of the books. Each book is a full-color, printable PDF that you can print from home or have printed and bound at your local printer.

Sale ends October 31st. Start shopping HERE now!

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