Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last Chance to Save 50% Off my Workshops and Books!

This is your last chance to download one of my popular scrapbooking Idea Books or Workshops and Classes for 50% off. These savings end this week so take a moment to download your favorites before the sale ends.

Scrapbooking Classes and Workshops

  "Scrapbook Stampers Workshop" a #scrapbooking class taught by Jen Gallacher on how to use stamps on a layout. http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/scrapbook-stamper-self-paced-scrapbooking-working/
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Scrapbooking Idea Books

Double the Pleasure: Double Page Scrapbooking Layout Design by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/double-the-pleasure-double-page-scrapbooking-ebook/Beyond the Box: Creative Scrapbooking Journaling Design Ebook by Jen Gallacher http://jen-gallacher.mybigcommerce.com/beyond-the-box-creative-journaling-design-ebook/
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Look for new Idea Books and Workshops coming soon. 
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