NEW "Working with a Creative Team" Ebook

After 18 years working in a creative industry, I've had the opportunity to serve on many teams; as well as, serve as the Creative Team lead for two separate teams. I know many people have asked me questions over the years about the process for applying for a Creative or Design Team, as well as, wanted to know the best way to contribute to a team. So now I've compiled all those answers into an informative Ebook guide called "Working with a Creative Team."

"Working with a Creative Team" Ebook by Jennifer S. Gallacher available here:
Download HERE!

This amazing Ebook covers the following topics:

* How to apply for a Creative Team
* How to chose the right Creative Team for your personal style
* What kind of commitments are required
* Dealing with rejection
* Understanding compensation packages
* How to be a team player

At just $4.99 you can learn all about finding the right team for you, creating the perfect pitch to help the company notice you, and more!

Download a copy for yourself or share with members of your Creative team. It's a great way to improve your personal approach to working with teams, as well as, helps you understand if a team is the right place for you.

Share the link with someone who might want to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

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