Double Stamped Image Using Watercolors

I'm kind of excited about this project. I've been pushing myself a bit to learn some new techniques when it comes to stamping and creative projects, and today I'm sharing one of the latest tricks I tried. This Lemon Treat Bag uses one stamp. Look closer can you see it?

For this tutorial for "The Weekly Scrapper" blog I used water to "color in" one of the images? Want to learn more? Be sure to visit the tutorial blog post HERE.

Did you know that I'm posting each Thursday on the Scrapbook Expo blog? It's true. If you join me each Thursday, you'll learn some new techniques for creating layouts, cards, and DIY/Maker projects. Any excuse to play is a good reason right?

Last week I shared how to design a card on the diagonal. You can read the full tutorial for that post HERE.

Next week, I'll have a video post which means I'll walk you through the process all on tape. You can watch too! Be sure to subscribe to the Scrapbook Expo Youtube channel HERE or my Youtube channel HERE as I've added a playlist of my videos for them you can find HERE.

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