Discovering Untold Stories in Your Life

I often work through my feelings by writing. I've kept a personal a journal since I was old enough to spell out words. It's cathartic for me. It's also very rewarding to look back and read through some of the memories I've kept and feelings I've had.

Are you a writer? Have you found a way to record your thoughts? For my grandma it was notebooks filled with the weather that day on the lake in their Michigan home and one sentence or two about her activities. For others, it's keeping the family calendar or looking back at dates in their planner. Some are more like me and prefer to keep a journal whether digitally or handwritten that records their innermost thoughts. And many of us enjoy scrapbooking so that we can combine those thoughts and feelings with the photos that we take.

There is no wrong way to record your thoughts and memories. However you do it it will be something you and your posterity will grown to treasure.

Lately I've been including what I call in my head "Monday Musings." These are just blog posts in which I express some thoughts and feelings that I have. Have you had a chance to read through any of them?  

Click on the links to read my thoughts:

"This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"
"I'm Not Sure I'm Going to Make It"
"How Bad Is It?"

Sometimes it's difficult to think of stories we want to tell or share. I wanted to share a special workshop that may help you to identify what stories you have yet to tell.

Words Unsaid Workhop

This workshop is geared towards helping you find stories you want to share in your scrapbooks. In the course you will receive the Ebook PDF which you can download and print. Inside the book are the supply lists and hints and tricks for each of the layouts I created.

Click HERE to learn more!

You will also get access to the workshop videos through Vimeo with special passwords that give you EXCLUSIVE access.

With three chapters on finding and telling stories, you'll soon discover you have lots to say.

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You can learn more about this workshop HERE! Use the coupon code WORDS25 to save 25% off the this class. The coupon expires Sunday, May 24th so be sure to share the coupon code with friends and download your workshop access NOW!


  1. I took that class through 2peas, and I loved your layouts in it! I'm always looking for any advice in journaling, since it's the hardest part for me :))

    1. I'm so glad you liked it. My hardest part? Titles. It's just the last thing I think of.


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