Watch the Video and Win a FREE Spot in My Craftsy Class!

Today on the Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine blog, I'm giving away ONE spot in my new Craftsy class "Scrapbook Design and Storytelling: Beyond the Basics." Want a chance to win? You'll have to hop on over HERE and leave a comment.

Scrapbook Design and Storytelling Class: Beyond the Basics Craftsy class with Jen Gallacher

While you're there, you can check out the card I created this month:

Stamped card by Jen Gallacher for SCT Magazine and giveaway at

You can watch the card process video HERE on the SCT Youtube channel or below:

If you're interested in signing up for the Craftsy class, be sure to check it out HERE! This class focuses on some of my most foundational principals for great design, as well as, the best way to capture stories in your scrapbooking!


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    1. Something about these colors just make me smile. :)


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