7 Secrets for Fabulous Scrapbooking Stories!

If you were going to take the one class from me that gave away many of my scrapbooking secrets, I would suggest my NEW Craftsy class "Scrapbook Design and Storytelling." This incredible classes discusses my entire process for selecting products and creating great designs based on the story in the layout I want to tell.

Scrapbook Design and Storytelling class with Craftsy taught by Jen Gallacher: www.craftsy.com/ext/JenGallacher_4997_F

Click HERE for more information!

The seven video lessons discuss my top SEVEN SECRETS for combining great design and important storytelling techniques. Here are the topics I discuss:

- Lesson 1: How to Capture the Photo Subject's "Voice" on a Layout
- Lesson 2: How to Select Products that Capture the Photo Subject's "Personality on a layout (and how this differs from "voice)
- Lesson 3: How to Document Stories from the Past
- Lesson 4: Can an Event Have More Than One Story and How to Approach This
- Lesson 5: Adding Memorabilia to a Layout
- Lesson 6: No Photos? No Worries. Focus on the Journaling
- Lesson 7: So Many Photos. How to Creatively Incorporate Lots of Photos on a Layout

Here's a tiny peek at one of the projects I created for this class:

The style of this class is video learning, but you can also download the seven FREE sketches that accompany this class when you purchase the class. I used the sketches to create both the initial layouts, as well as, a variation layout for EVERY chapter. That's 14 layouts in all for you to view!

Watch this video HERE to get a glimpse into this new course.

If you like scrapbooking process videos that also teach technique and share great ideas, then this is the class for you!

Check it out HERE!

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