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I'm a voracious reader. Seriously. I could read a book a day, but I do try to pace myself as kids tend to require regular feedings and clean laundry from time-to-time. What do I enjoy reading? Really I enjoy lots of different things, and I go through phases where I devour everything I can from one genre or times when I skip around a bit. One thing I ALWAYS require is for a book to be both entertaining and clean. I'm a bit of a prude when it comes to reading material. So when I learned that my friend Courtney Walsh had written a brand NEW book, I was totally excited. Courtney is a clever, fresh writer who keeps things uplifting; and I love that about her.

Introducing Paper Hearts:

Currently I'm several chapters in, and I'm already hooked! The characters are sweet and believable, and the fact that the main character owns a bookstore she's my kind of gal! Looking forward to seeing where Courtney takes this novel.

Get to know Courtney:

Courtney is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Watch this video HERE or below and you'll see what I mean. Courtney has written several books. Definitely check out her "Sweethaven" series as well. Seriously you will like her work!

A Little More About Paper Hearts:

In the book, paper hearts were a tradition between a married couple. Throughout the year, they would record the things they loved about it each and then on Valentine’s Day, they hung them up in their home. Abigail discovers these hearts and accidentally sets off a town-wide frenzy in which people are stopping to record positive, uplifting, encouraging things about the people they love.  

My husband and I have always shared our own version of paper hearts, except it's typically a funny card. However this year, I'm thinking that this handmade card might work just as well:

Learn more about this tutorial HERE.

Giveaway details:

I'm excited to participate in the #shareyourheart campaign and especially excited because you have a chance to WIN a pretty awesome prize! All you have to do is find Courtney on Facebook (, and SHARE the Paper Hearts Book Trailer with your friends...Then enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below! That's it, easy as pie! 

For bonus entries, create your own paper heart and share it on Courtney's wall and tag your post with #shareyourheart

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