Make It Meaningful: Sailboat Hook

If you're currently working on a themed room for one of your children, consider altering some of the most common everyday objects turning them into something special. This altered "Sailboat Hook" is perfect for any nautical themed space.

To alter the hook, I first stained the entire piece with an oak woodstain. When dry, I traced the basic shapes of the sailboat onto scrapbooking paper. I used my sewing machine to stitch around the edges of the shapes I created and then I glued them onto the sailboat.

To accommodate the hole of the hook, I marked on the paper where the hook would appear. I then used a circle punch the same diameter as the hole to punch a hole from that mark. I used scissors to cut a slit from the bottom of the sailboat shape up to the bottom of the hole. I then mounted the paper onto the bottom of the sailboat, using the slit I created to slide the paper around the hook. I covered this slit with additional circles.

I suggest that you cover the entire piece with Mod Podge so it can weather the wear and tear of being in a well-used space. Here's another look at this project. Make sure to pin your favorite images so you can recreate this later:

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  1. Oh, how fun and creative! I just love this Jen!

  2. So crafty and cute! Thanks for sharing!!!


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