Make It Meaningful: Valentine's Day Gift Bag

Everyone deserves a little something on Valentine's Day. How about decorating a charming paper bag with Valentine or heart-themed items to create a Valentine's Day Gift Bag.

For this project, I used non-traditional items to create a "Valentine" feel. Look for soft pinks, red, and blues. Drop in a touch of kraft. Then add textural details like lace, burlap, and vellum. It all adds up to a very special Valentine gift bag for someone you love:

To create this same concept, shop some of the items below. Then look for items that are either Valentine paper collections or that give the same feeling. I added a pencil to the bag to serve as a foundation for some paper "flags" as well. You can dress up your gift bags as much as you want. Using supplies you already have on hand makes this process quick and easy.

Suggested Products (click photos for product information):


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