Did You Know I'll Be Teaching with Craftsy?

If you follow me on Instagram HERE, you may have noticed several peeks about how I spent the first part of this week. I was off on a grand adventure that I can't wait to share. I announced a new opportunity I had with an amazing company which required a flight into Denver, Colorado to film an upcoming class for Craftsy.

Have you heard of Craftsy yet? It's this incredible educational website, with online classes you can take on topics such as cooking, cake decorating, crocheting, painting, and more. I was honored to be invited to come and film a class on scrapbooking.

Craftsy is a class act and took such good care of me. Here's a little peek at what it's like to film with them:

My dressing room.

Danica the amazing make-up artist (who I wish could do my make-up every day).

The fun and funky lunchroom at "Taxi," the filming studio.

Chris setting up to take a photo of one of the layouts I created.

My Craftsy "family": Michelle (Switcher), Chris (Videographer), and Cara (Producer).

Craftsy's platform is organized and perfect for the student who wants to revisit the learning materials and engage in the classroom setting as often as they would like. Be sure to check them out HERE! While you're waiting for my class to be released, be sure to check out some of these other titles in the Paper Crafting section by names you're sure to recognize:

You can find all of the Craftsy titles HERE on their website. Stay tuned for the release date and title of my class soon!


  1. Way hey! Clever you!! Got to say I love the design of that lunchroom...

  2. You're absolutely beautiful in these pics Jen! Congrats on the new gig!


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