Announcing the Launch of My Online Store!

I've been thinking about this for some time, and when Two Peas In a Bucket shut its doors I knew that it was time. I am now offering my Ebooks, and printables in one easy-to-find-place: the "Jen Gallacher" store. Here's a peek at the current storefront:

Video Workshops:

In this store, you will soon be able to download my past online workshops (including the instructional videos, and helpful Ebooks). Watch for news on that coming soon! If you're interested in learning more about when these become available (we're currently uploading them one-by-one), please sign up for my store newsletter upon checking out. I'll also be reaching out to former 2Peas students to give them access to the materials they've already purchased.


Because not everyone enjoys watching videos, I'm offering my Workshop Ebooks as separate products. If you simply want the workbooks, which include class instructions, and each project sample (with supply lists, tips, tricks and instructions), you can now purchase and download these separately. You can find all of them HERE. Here's a look at just one of the full-color books that I offer. Please note that these books are included with any previous (and current) purchase of my corresponding workshops so if you purchased the workshop before you already should have these materials:


I've also created several FREE printables which you can download and use in your home or for gifts for friends and family. You can find all of those HERE. Here's a peek at one that is now available:

Download HERE!

If you have trouble checking out, please use the store messaging system to let me know. This store is still in its early phases, so please be patient as we work out all the kinks. We're looking forward to providing you with lots of exciting new ideas. Look for some new products coming soon!


  1. Congrats Jennifer! I don't comment often but I've been following you for years. I'm excited to see your store and that you will be having video workshops. All the best with this new endeavour 😀

  2. Congratulations, Jen! What a great new adventure!

  3. Congratulations Jen!!!

  4. Congrats Jen! I love you to pieces and wish you the best! <3 I'm so excited for you!

  5. JLBOhio9:05 PM

    How exciting!! Congratulations!! I think this is a great idea!

  6. Congrats Jen! This is wonderful!


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