Make It Meaningful: Quick and Easy Christmas Memories Tag Album

Christmas is always the most busy time of the year for our family. But I like to record and remember all of our activities for the season, and I'm always looking for ways for the kids to share their memories as well. In today's tutorial, I'll show you how to create a quick and easy tag album that can kids can help create and put together. For this project, I'm using this paper from Carta Bella Paper's "Christmas Time" collection:

I'm also incorporating a few stickers from this collection as well.

Step 1: Cut out all of the tags from the piece of patterned paper. Because this paper is double-sided, it has a beautiful green pattern on the back of each tag. It's also printed on heavy-weight textured paper making the tags a little more durable when the album is complete.

Step 2: Use a hole punch to punch the holes from each of the tags. Depending on the way you want to attach the album, will determine the size of hole you'll want to punch through each tag.

Step 3: Keep a jar handy with all of the tags inside. Place a black pen nearby for journaling. Then each day, allow one member of the family to select a tag from the jar and have them journal about their favorite holiday memory from the day. Include a date on the back or below the journaling to remember the date on which you recorded the memory.

Step 4: Begin stacking tags on top of each other. Tags may be layered in any order.

Step 5: Thread ribbon through the top of the holes and tie into a bow. You can also use a binder ring, twine, clips, etc. to hold the album together. Or string the entire set of tags on a long piece of ribbon to create a holiday memory garland.

Here's another look at the completed memory album. Using tags rather than a full album is a quick and easy way to scrapbook your holiday memories. Allowing the kids and your significant other to add their memories as well, will make the album even more special.

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