Diary of a Memory Keeper: Episode #5 I Am Album Challenged

In this week's episode, I share one of my darker scrapbooking confessions: I am album challenged! Watch the episode below or HERE on my Youtube channel to see how you can help. I'd love to hear your ideas so simply leave them in the comments section of the video or here on my blog.

Just a reminder that this was recorded earlier before I packed up my scrapbook space and moved to our temporary rental. We are getting closer to getting in a more permanent home, and I'm looking forward to putting my creative life back in order. I've missed having all my goodies in one place.

Looking for additional videos from me? I've filmed several for 2Peas and Echo Park Paper, and I've created playlists on my channel HERE. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you are notified of when my latest videos are uploaded.


  1. First, I am so glad to hear you are closer to finding your home. How exciting!!! It would be nice to hopefully get settled before school starts again, if you are able to.

    Second, layouts. I do not create the volume of projects/pages that you do. But I do have several albums unfinished. I scrap whatever inspires me, but I store my pages chronologically in my albums by year. Pages are dated so they get in my albums relatively in order. If it is a LO for the current year, they go in the book right away. Of course, it will take some rearranging as you add them. I have been doing that for the last 4-5 yrs albums. If it goes way back, they are in Iris boxes as those are a little more work. I used to be a strictly Creative Memories album person. I LOVE their side loading sleeves. I wish I would of stocked up on those and more albums before they went under. Now, I am using WRMK's books. I still like the look of CM's albums the most.

  2. After completing a page I hang then on my wall so I can look at my "works of heart" for a while. I use the Ikea curtain cable system called dignitet. I have two 8' cables, with an extra support in the middle which are strung parallel to one another about 13" part. It holds about 12 single 12x12 pages. When I fill it up I know its time to do some "filing" and put a few into albums. I find if I set limits on things like this I am more apt to keep up with the system of filing them.

  3. Looks like my comment yesterday didn't publish, oops! Anyways I too put pages in a stack before they find their home in an album. I do this for many reasons, need journaling, the pages are from multiple albums, I'm lazy or just in a creative frenzy, making page after page and don't want to stop. Whatever the reason I do manage to make quite a stack so I have learned to on the last day of the month or when I get to 10 layouts, whichever comes first, to put away all my pages before I "allow" myself to make any more.....otherwise my scrapbook room would be over run with pages and that would drive me crazy! I don't create well in chaos!

  4. No helpful advice here.....sorry! :(
    I'm guilty of the same thing! Once I have stacks that are threatening to topple over, I sit and sort through them according to dates and put them in albums. It just seems like such a pain to get the album out every time. I'd much rather keep creating!!! Oh, and it doesn't help that I scrap all over the place so it always requires rearranging my albums so they are in the proper order. I could scrap chronologically but I just can't bring myself to do it. I go where the mood takes me! ;)


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