Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why is Scrapbooking Summer Memories So Much Easier?

Why is scrapbooking summer memories sometimes so much easier? If I had to compartmentalize the seasons that are easiest for me to document it would be summer first, and then Christmas. Frankly, for me it's because I take 8,000 more photos during those times each year. That gives me oodles more options for memories to record. Spring and fall get so crazy around here that months pass and I think, "Have I even taken a photo of us this month?" Thankfully I have, but it sometimes feels like those months pass more quickly than others where in the Summer and at Christmas I tend to savor the time a little better.

(Note to self: savor spring and fall a little more!)

I wanted to share three of my most recent layouts for Echo Park and Carta Bella with their May collection releases. The one above is from their new "Walking on Sunshine" collection, which is a fun summer/beach collection. You can see the entire collection HERE.

The layout above is from the "Ahoy There" collection from Carta Bella Paper. This one might be my favorite just because I've decorated my house in a beach/nautical theme and love the sophistication of the designs in this collection. Having it printed on textured paper also gives it a high-class style.

And finally this layout using the Echo Park Paper "We Are Family" collection shows that you can take a family photo in any season: summer or otherwise. This collection has lots of really cool icons, making it the perfect family-themed release.

So since summer is just around the corner, I plan to once again take a million photos that I can use throughout the year on my layouts. Perhaps it's because the sun shines a little brighter, it's finally warm enough to go outside, and who doesn't love lush, green grass in the background but any way you cut it summer is my favorite photo taking season!


  1. Oh Jen, love that Echo Park, "we are family" paper, those globes are too cute! I am so the opposite, I don't like scrapping my summer photos. :P

    1. Do you have a different season you like to scrapbook?

  2. Every single one of these layouts is fantastic--I had to pin them all. :)

    1. You're so sweet! Thanks, Mendi!

  3. Michelle9:43 PM

    This is one of my favorite posts on any blog!.

  4. I have fewer photos of autumn and spring too, but that means I can document them faster. I have several (mostly summer) trips I haven't even printed, starting with 2009 (not sure if I ever will).
    And beautiful pages - photos and papers match so well.

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