Manual Die Cuts: The Return of a Hot Scrapbooking Trend

After 17+ years in the paper crafting industry, I've had the opportunity to watch trends come and go with both scrapbooking and paper crafting. I was excited to see at the Winter Craft and Hobby Association tradeshow that one of my favorite scrapbooking tools has returned with a vengeance: manual die cut tools.

In my work with Echo Park Paper and Carta Bella Paper, I've been working behind the scenes to consult on several new product lines. We've begun releasing NEW "Designer Dies," as well as, "Designer Stamps" and "Designer Die and Stamps." Here's a peek at just a few of the items, I've been working on. You can find all of the die cuts and other products HERE on the Echo Park Paper website:

I love a good tool, and these new dies are amazing. These thin, metal dies cut through up to two sheets of cardstock or patterned paper depending on the intricacy of the die shape.

If you love working with tools like die cuts, be sure to check out my workshop for Two Peas in a Bucket called "Tool School." This workshop has an entire chapter devoted to die cuts and includes a full-color PDF, two additional chapters of beautifully designed projects, and three instructional videos. This self-paced workshop is perfect for those looking to stretch their tools in new and creative ways.

Check out the workshop HERE!


  1. Oooooo that's exciting! I love the owl, too cute :)

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