Make It Meaningful Scrapbooking Process Video #21: Hello Sweet Girl

I have had so much fun this month going through my older photos looking for stories I haven't yet told. I was so happy to come across this sweet photo of my seventeen-year-old daughter, Katelyn when she was just a few months old. You can find more information about this layout HERE on 2Peas.

If you're looking for other process videos from me, you can find all of my 2Peas "Make It Meaningful" videos HERE in this Youtube playlist or HERE on 2Peas.

Make It Meaningful #21: Hello Sweet Girl

Here is a closer look at the layout:

On this layout I included themed baby items with other items that were soft pink and teal. I love how sweet it ended up. Below is the start-to-finish scrapbooking process video for this layout. You can watch HERE on the 2Peas Youtube channel or below:

Looking for baby-themed items or the items I used to create this page? You can find all the supplies for this layout HERE.


  1. Such a sweet page, Jen. Love the ribboned title too.

  2. Hello Jen, I love the LO. But I do have a question: Have you chosen the teal because of the color of the ribbon the baby girl have in her camisole? Thanks for sharing your creative process.

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