Make It Meaningful Scrapbooking Proces Video #17: Delight

Have you had a chance to catch all of my "Make It Meaningful" scrapbooking videos through 2Peas yet? These scrapbook process videos start with a small one-on-one share from me to you, and then I proceed to complete a layout start to finish. You can find all of my videos HERE in this Youtube playlist or HERE on 2Peas.

This week I concentrated on learning how to "make it work" when creating a layout. We don't always love every layout that we create so I wanted to discuss how we can take something we've started and make it work better for us. You can find more on this layout HERE at 2Peas.

Make It Meaningful #17 Delight

Here is a closer look at the layout:

In the scrapbook process video, I discuss how I changed a 12x12" layout into the 8 1/2 x 11" layout you see here. You can watch the video HERE on the 2Peas Youtube channel or below:  

Below I suggest a few items to consider when creating a layout like this. Any of these products will work well when creating a layout similar to this one.

Suggested Products (click photos for product links):

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