Craft Room Tour Blog Hop with The Country Chic Cottage

Today I'm joining several other crafters, DIYers, and people who love making beautiful things to share our craft rooms. Follow the list below to jump from one craft room tour to the next. Be sure to pin and share your favorites!

Jen Gallacher Craft Room Tour:

I recently spent an entire weekend cleaning up and restaging my craft room for a magazine photo shoot. Many of you have seen my space before, but I'm sharing it again for today's tour. For the complete tour of my space, you can watch the video HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

My philosophy when setting up a craft space is to keep your most used items closest to your workspace. Here are some photos of my craft room:

(Use craft supplies to decorate your space.)

(Determine whether you'll organize by color or theme.)

(Keep plenty of your favorite adhesive on hand.)

(Keep your most used tools handy.)

(A drawer system near your desk can help hold additional tools.)

(Look for a storage system designed to hold specifically sized items like 12x12" paper.)

(Some supplies are decorative in nature. Create vignettes around your space with them.)

(Your space should reflect your personal style.)

As a professional crafter in the paper industry, I use this office over 60 hours a week. It's hard-working set-up helps me stay efficient AND creative. It took a few tries to get everything in a place that works for me, and it's evolving all the time dependent on changing trends and new products that require unique storage solutions.

Looking for some additional inspiration? Be sure to hop to each blog below for some additional ideas on how to set up your own craft space!

Craft Room Tour Blog Hop List:

The Country Cottage Chic (has all the blogs from this entire week's tour listed in one place)

Mrs Greene
Insitefull Living -- you are here!
In My Own Style
Lolly Jane
Today's Creative Blog
The Crafted Sparrow
Daisy Maebelle
Imparting Grace
Positively Splendid


  1. Wow! I love your craft room. Organization is definitely the key to making my space more enjoyable to be in. I really like how your own personal touch shines through and makes it your own unique space. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful room--I wouldn't mind spending 60 hours a week there! I just created a craft "closet" (not quite big enough to be called a room)--I can't wait to get to work in it!

  3. I think a closet would be perfect for crafting. How fun!


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