Make It Meaningful Bonus Project: Baby Burlap Pinwheel

Make It Meaningful Bonus Project:

How many of you search the Walmart crafting aisles for something cool to alter? I do. I do it when I'm grocery shopping in the wee hours (5 a.m.) of the morning. No one else is there to judge me. And I feel like a treasure hunter in an abandoned building. It's fabulous. Lately I've been spotting these cool burlap covered frames everywhere. They come in a variety of sizes. I have a texture crush on burlap and linen so I stocked up on a variety of these when I was last grocery (cough, cough) craft shopping.

Ok, boy shapes are hard. Seriously. Think about it. Girls have butterflies, hearts, and all sorts of pretty things. Boys? Boys have nothin' except maybe a star or two. Poor boys. So when I was trying to think of a dimensional object to place in the center of this frame, I was stumped. Stumped I tell you! Then I saw some lovely pinwheels in Pinterest projects that struck my eye. "THAT could be a boy shape," I decided. And so it was.

It's really a simple project, but I love the dimensional effects of the pinwheel. Just makes my heart happy.

To Make This Project:

* Carta Bella Paper "Baby Mine" (boy) Collection (paper, brads, chipboard stickers)
* Burlap Frame
* White Crochet Twine

You can search for many of these items HERE in the 2Peas store or watch for them to arrive in the store soon.

To create a pinwheel, simply cut a square from a patterned paper which is pretty on both sides. No difficulties here. Then cut a slit from each corner of the square into the center of the square. Make sure you leave about 1/2" to 1/4" uncut in the center. Then gently fold each corner to the center, but do not crease the folds.

A few paper strips, some twine, and some stickers finish off the frame. What makes it meaningful is that whenever I make something for someone there is a special meaning behind what I create. A simple craft becomes something much more meaningful.


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