Make It Meaningful Bonus Project: Baby Paper Boat

Paper Crafted Boat by Jennifer Gallacher

Make It Meaningful Bonus Project:

Lately I'm just loving the simplicity of paper-only projects. Sometimes a patterned paper is so deliciously cute that it really doesn't need much in the way of embellishment. I felt that way when I saw this new "Baby Mine" collection from Carta Bella Paper. What more could I add to cute paper like this?

So I found a great tutorial on folding paper boats HERE on Pinterest. (And I'm seriously crushing on the fact, that she used her paper boats for place cards.)

One thing that made this project challenging? The glorious thickness of the Carta Bella paper. It was seriously difficult to fold, but I was determined. I recommend that you use a thinner paper for this project, but I still love how it turned out.

To Make This Project:

* Carta Bella Paper "Baby Mine" (boy) Collection
* Star Stickpin

You can search for many of these items HERE in the 2Peas store or look for them to appear soon.

Use the instructions I linked you to when folding the "boat." NOTE: this the same pattern for a hat if you prefer that instead. I used a printer sized sheet of paper, but you could go larger or smaller depending on the paper that you have. I simply stuck the pin in the top point of the boat and added a sentiment sticker. I have seen these hung from wire or stitched together for banners. Will the cuteness never end?

What makes this meaningful? How about making a batch of these with your kids and use up some of that paper you've been hoarding for months or (cough, cough) YEARS. I love it when the kids and I have any excuse to hang out together. James asked me what in the world I was doing when I was making this sample. He must have been thinking, "That is so Kindergarten crafting, Mom." He just doesn't get how cool paper crafts can be.


  1. I love how you say you are "crushing" on something...too cute. Yes, I am stalking you again. But, this is so stinking cute. Love love love this idea.

    1. You are such a sweet friend, Maryfrances. :)

  2. A very cute idea, just lovely! I'm wondering if we can use other materials instead of paper... like fabric or leather? Time to experiment! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Linda, you could stiffen the fabric for sure. Leather would be AWESOME. :)


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