Memories Made #31 Scrapbooking Process Video: Life Memories (Off-the-Page Design)

Welcome to a new month of "Memories Made" videos! This month I'm focusing on: Layout Design Styles!

Layout designs range from grid, to free form, to centered, and more. We'll chat about a few of them this month. In each video I'll discuss one of the design styles and how I approach it. I'll share a few examples of them I've already created, and then I'll share the products I used to create the layout.

This week's memory: Remembering My Nephew as a Baby

Where does the time go? I remember my nephew Wyatt being so little. Now he's as tall as James and so grown up. I came across these photos of him as a little man, and I had to journal my feelings of how he's grown. Here is the layout I created from this memory:

This week's technique: Off-the-Page Design

This design stye requires that at least some part of the layout appears to move "off" the page. In this layout I mounted all of my elements right up to the side of the layout, making them appear as if they're might be more coming. This is a great style to use when you want to shake up your design style. Here are a few close-up photos of how I used this design style:

Tutorial Video:

Want to learn more about Off-the-Page design? Then be sure to watch today's tutorial video either HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Below are the suggested products for recreating this layout. Consider items that can be cut in half or in part like flat stickers, patterned paper, cardstock, and photos. Look for an interesting place to cut through these items so that they still make sense but are used creatively.
Suggested Products (click photos for product information):


  1. It's a really cute page, Jen.

  2. love how you think outside the box. (cutting off the top of the envelope)


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