Memories Made #28 Scrapbooking Process Video: Tough (Circular Layout Design)

Welcome to a new month of "Memories Made" videos! This month I'm focusing on: Layout Design Styles!

Layout designs range from grid, to free form, to centered, and more. We'll chat about a few of them this month. In each video I'll discuss one of the design styles and how I approach it. I'll share a few examples of them I've already created, and then I'll share the products I used to create the layout.

This week's memory: 5th Grade is Rough!

My little son is discovering that 5th grade is a whole lot more grown up than elementary school has been before. He's learning there's more homework, more drama, more expectations. Some days are rough, but he's doing a great job of navigating these new educational waters. I wanted to capture how proud of him I am on a layout so here is the layout I created:

This week's technique: Circular Design

Circular design means that you design in a circular shape. It can be the entire page is a circle. It can be that elements form a circle. Here are the close-up views of how I used the photos and embellishments to create a visual triangle with a circular design:

Tutorial Video:

Want to learn more about circular design? Then be sure to watch today's tutorial video either HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Additional Circular Design Sample: 

Here is an additional sample of how I used circular design:

Below I've suggested the products used in today's video. Use any items that work with the theme of your own layout. You can also see what is on sale currently at 2Peas by searching their website HERE.

Suggested Products (click photos for product information):

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