10 Scrapbooking Tools I can't Live Without

10 Scrapbooking Tools I Can't Live Without:
So everyone has an arsenal of tools that they just can't live without. I certainly do. If you were to close your eyes and think about the tools you grab most often for your layouts and cards, what would they be? I'm guessing it would involve at least one adhesive and one type of paper cutting tool. From there we are diverse in what we use to get the job done. I thought I'd share my 10 personal favorites.

Storing Your Favorite Tools:

One thing I do that has helped me shorten my design time process is to keep my tools handy. My most used tools are kept in a caddy on my desk:

Or in a drawer right below my work desk. That way I never have to get up to get a tool in the middle of the creative process.

You can watch my Craft Room Tour HERE on my Youtube channel if you want to see how I've organized my space or you can watch it below:


Make a goal to move your most used tools as close to your work space as possible. If you create in more than one space, consider getting a portable storage unit to carry your tools from one place to another. This will give you more time to create and require less time to find items you frequently use.

Stretching Your Tools/Supplies:

Sometimes the challenge lies in using up the tools we purchase. Knowing that, I designed a 2Peas workshop to help you get the most from your tools. I call it "Tool School." In this workshop, I show you how to get the most from both your most basic tools, as well as, your more advanced tools like die cutting machines. You can check it out HERE:

Click HERE for more information on this $12 self-paced workshop. 

Your Turn:

Tell me one tool you CANNOT live without when creating a scrapbook page or card. Why does do you consider it a "MUST HAVE" tool?


  1. I'd be lost without my Fiskars trimmer. I use it every single time I pick up a piece of paper or a photo, far more often than I ever reach for my scissors. I use it to crop my photos, to make mats for them, to create journaling blocks or cards, to fashion tags and even use it to make my own photo corners. Having the grid printed on it and the extendable arm also makes it a useful tool for measuring.

  2. Definitely my paper trimmer. My second most used tool would be my ATG. My FAVORITE luxury tool is definitely my Silhouette Cameo. Great topic!

  3. Besides my ATG, which has been my go to adhesive since 2005?, it is hard to decide. I have a Ikea raskog cart that holds all my tools close at hand. But the one I use almost every time I craft are my fine tipped tweezers. I use them to adhere pop dots, tiny embellishments, alpha letters, heat embossed items, you name. I really need two pair, as one pair is always at the bottom of the mess on my desk :)

  4. My paper trimmer, scissors and a glue pen. (I couldn't do anything with one tool only).
    I broke my trimmer and now I need to replace it and it's saaaad.

  5. my top tools would be my Hermafix adhesive, red sticky tape, my punches, and my paper piercer. if i had a silhouette , it would be on the list too. lol


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