Product Focus Week #32: Fall Scrapbooking Products

For the month of September, I've been focusing on COLOR. Color inspiration comes from everywhere: from the photos that you take, to the scrapbooking products that you use, to ads in your favorite magazines, to home decor around your house. There are lots of places to look for color inspiration.

This week for my Product Focus on color, I'm sharing some of my favorite fall products you can purchase from Two Peas in a Bucket. Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year because after a scorching summer, I'm ready for things to slow down a bit and cool down. Here are some items that inspired this week's color scheme and product line up:

You can find more of my favorite color combinations HERE in my "Color Combo" Pinterest board, including several schemes that will work well for fall.

Above are a few of my favorite, recent fall products available in the 2Peas store. Think beyond traditional "Fall" products and search by color such as "ORANGE" or "BROWN" to see what else you might already have on hand and can use in your next fall project.

Here are a few fall projects I've created that may help inspire you as to how to create fall color schemes and projects yourself.

Idea #1: Pick a few of your favorite fall photos to highlight.

Idea #2: Create a card set with leftover fall stickers and papers.

Idea #3: Use a photo filter to give your photos a "fall" feel (see the variety of Photo Filters HERE at the 2Peas store):

You can watch the start-to-finish process of this layout HERE on Youtube or below:

Do you have a favorite fall collection, tool, or color scheme? I'd love to hear about it. How are you planning to document your fall memories? With a trip to the pumpkin patch, your favorite fall sweater, and autumn leaves you have lots of fall topics to choose from.


  1. I love fall for the colors. Though here, I don't think we are going to get much. It has been so dry (no rain for a couple of months), that there won't be the good color in the leaves. They are already turning brown and crispy. I do have to say I would love to skip right from fall back into spring. LOL Dread winter.. subzero temps, blizzards - not my cup of tea.

    So being you have a daughter close to my middle daughter's age and have been making many trips to orchards and pumpkin patches, do you take the same kind of photo every year? I am running out of different photos to take and titles for pages. LOL It's the same traditions, which is fine. Traditions are important. For me, my oldest is 25 and I have almost that many years worth of orchards, pumpkin patches, playing in the leaves. My littlest is 6, so I have many more years of apple picking. :)

  2. très belle page ! merci pour la vidéo explicative


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