9 Ways to Support a Youtube Designer!

Watch and Learn:
Did you know that I film several scrapbooking process videos each month?

Scrapbooking process videos are start-to-finish tutorials on creating layouts. This is a great way to watch a designer:

* select photos for their layout
* select papers & embellishments
* put a layout together
* choose between items
* complete a trending technique
* and much more!

My Filming Style:

There are several types of scrapbooking video styles. I like to talk as I go, so I semi-create the layout beforehand and then film and explain my process as I go. This helps me show my entire process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Where to Find Me:

I do this for the following companies:

* Me, Myself, and I. (You can find these videos HERE on my channel.)
* Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine. (Look HERE for these videos.)
* Echo Park Paper. (Look for new videos soon HERE on their channel.)
* Two Peas In a Bucket. (Find them HERE.)

What I Teach:
I address several items in these videos:

* Answer commonly asked questions.
* Discuss trends.
* Show the latest scrapbooking and paper crafting products.
* Try out new techniques.
* Share tips and tricks for making items work for you.

How YOU can support a Youtube Designer:

1. Subscribe to a channel.
A Youtube channel consists of ALL of the videos a designer creates or the videos they like and recommend. By subscribing, you are notified when they upload a new video so no need to continuously check to see if a new one is available. Channels with lots of subscribers get more notice on Youtube, and it helps designers get more exposure and build their following. Youtube will recommend channels to you based on the types of channels you are already subscribing to. Check out some of the suggestions they give you for some new viewing options.

2. Check out a playlist.
A playlist is a set of videos. It can be card-making videos, or holiday project videos, etc. A designer may create their own playlists within their channel. You can also create your own and title it however you'd like. You can actually start a playlist and watch one video after another without any effort at all. Imagine Netflix for crafters: an entire series at your fingertips in one sitting if you desire.

3. Take a moment to "LIKE" a video.
Did you know that by "liking" our videos, it helps Youtube know which videos to recommend? We could use all the "LIKES" we can get. Please be kind. Videos take hours upon hours to create and we are all learning how to better film, edit, and create videos. While we expect you to be honest, just remember to be patient with us as well.

4. Share, share, and share again.
We love it when you share our videos. It helps other people find us. It builds our channels. And it encourages us to create more content. A little mention on Facebook, Twitter, or even a video repinned on Pinterest helps more than you know. And we appreciate it! 

5. Seriously. Watch it!
We know your time is precious. Videographers try very hard to say what they need to say in as little time as possible. If you're loving the content, keep watching. Your watch time gives our videos more attention on Youtube and helps us know which videos you are enjoying. Is a video you're watching not your thing? It's ok to constructively share suggestions with the designer. While not everything we do appeals to all people, we do want to give you the best viewing experience possible. Leave "dislikes" for the truly inappropriate, awful, and bad videos and not just the videos you don't care for. Rather take the time to explain what you'd prefer to see to the designer in the comments section or move on to another channel that offers something that's more suited to you.

6. Leave a comment.
A short comment goes a long way towards rewarding a designer for their efforts for filming. If there's something specific that you liked about the video, tutorial, or information, let us know. We notice and read the comments. We appreciate regular visitors and want to make sure we're giving you what you want. It means a lot that you not only watch the video, but that you leave a message. Keep it up!

7. Visit their social media links.
Many designers include additional links to their websites, blogs, Pinterest page, Facebook page, and more. If you truly enjoy their work, take a moment to check them out. They may have more to offer on their external pages that will appeal to you.

8. Buy the associated products.
Many designers receive a small payment through affiliate links when you purchase items used in their videos. This helps to subsidize their costs for supplies, filming time, equipment, marketing, etc. If there's something you see used in the designers' video that you might want to try, be sure to use the designer's links to purchase the products. It's not much, but it does help!

9. Watch the advertisements.
Some designers have ads at the first of their videos. This is another way designers receive payment for their videos. Taking the time to watch the ads or to click on the advertising links helps the designer financially as well. Not all designers monetize their channels, but please understand why others do. We recognize that you may not want to watch an advertisement and just want to get down to the business of watching the tutorial. But if something catches your eye, take a second and watch the ad. Again, a little goes a long way to help a designer finance their videos.

Any of these efforts goes a long way to helping a designer's Youtube channel be successful. Youtube has become a great tool for sharing ideas with one another. Help us share better ideas with you by being a part of our personal support team. Have your own Youtube channel? Be sure to share! I'm always looking for great videos to watch and channels to follow. Give a shout out to your personal or favorite Youtube channel in the comments section below. I can't wait to be inspired!


  1. wow, i didn't know a lot of this. tfs

    1. Thank YOU for being my blog buddy and ALWAYS being so kind and supportive.

    2. i love your videos !!

  2. I've been a subscriber of your channel for a long time now, and love your videos! I really like how you pre-plan your layout and shoot and talk in real time. Sometimes all the fast forward videos are just a little too frantic for me. I've just started my own YouTube channel. You've been a great inspiration!

    1. Sue, I saw your awesome channel. You are a GREAT teacher. :)

    2. Thank you! That means a lot!

  3. Yeah this is interesting and a behind the scenes look at crafting videos. I watch and enjoy a lot of your videos and create layouts based on them, I am an 8.5 by 11 scrapper and so I scraplift a lot of your designs. So thanks for taking the time out to make them.

    1. Mel, we're scrapbook size twinners. ;)

  4. That's all very interesting background information. I watch all your videos and appreciate your filming style. I've always wondered how it works as far as designers and companies. I always thought you filmed with their equipment
    Sometimes it's hard to follow the link to an item I'm interested in, because I have to log in and then the item is gone and I have to look for one on their search bar.

    I don't always like the speedy filming style, but I understand why designers do it. I certainly hope you're being given product to create with. I like your videos and you always get a thumbs up. Do you ever make cards?

    1. Designers supply their own equipment including cameras, lights, computer equipment for editing, and more. Some designers (including I) do get an occasional donation of supplies, but at least for me that is only for the manufacturers I work for. The personal videos I film use items that I purchase myself. I do make cards. You can check some of them out on my Youtube channel. :)

  5. This is helpful it let's us know how we can support the designers we really like ...I might watch a video and later buy product that you recommended but hardly ever go through the link I will definitely start to do this so those who recommend can get some benefit from leading me to a product.

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Thanks for these tips. I really appreciate your work and i am glad i can support it in these small ways.

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  8. Thank you for all this information. I have just started watching YouTube videos. I actually tend to watch them more on others blogs when posted then on YouTube. I will remember to like more videos and comment on them. I didn't realize you often make a commission on the link. I will buy product more often that way. Thank you for all your great tips!!


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