Memories Made #24 Scrapbooking Process Video: Back 2 School

Welcome to this week's "Memories Made" Scrapbooking Process Video. Each week I create a layout start-to-finish and share my process and tips and tricks here on my blog. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel HERE for all of my tutorial videos including this weekly series.

This week's memory: Heading Back to School

Many of us are sending our kids back to school this month. This is a perfect opportunity to document those first day of school memories. I wanted to combine several different school and other non-school themed products to create a layout about son's first day of 4th grade (from last year).

Here is the layout about this memory:

This week's technique: Combination Titles

When designing titles for my layouts, I've found they look far more interesting if I combine different elements. This title includes a die cut number, letter stickers, and a stamped sub-title. It draws your eye straight to the title right away and stands out more than just a simple letter sticker title might. Think of ways you can mix up your titles on your next layout or two.

Here are some close-up views of the layout:

You can watch the helpful start-to-finish video HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Suggested Products (click the photos for product information or visit my blog for the complete supply list):


  1. A fabulous video and I just love your page!!!

  2. great video. i have that same white owl on my sb desk!!

  3. Fabulous page!! Love the pie charts and the days of the week banners you stacked at the bottom...great elements! I LOVE back to school. I am AMAZED that you manage to get such beautiful photos on the actual first day!! We are always so rushed at my house - there doesn't seem to be time for posing!! Maybe this year I'll "stage" B2S a day early!!

  4. Quite an interesting way of presenting a scrapbook by straight-up putting everything in one page. But then again, it is quite effective in showing everything in one go. Also, it kinda looks like a resume for the next year of school. Heh.


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