Trying to Take a Break: Making Memories Versus Recording Memories

If you remember this post HERE about my philosophy about Making Memories versus Recording Memories, you'll know that sometimes I feel it's important to step away and sometimes absorb life.

This week I'm recovering from all the CHA prep work for Echo Park Paper and Carta Bella Paper, but that doesn't mean I'm not working. Rather I've been neck deep in marketing materials and social media items. It's not really a break, but I try to take a break in other areas of my life including stepping away from my office when I can to LIVE a little.

Yesterday I did take several hours off to celebrate our state holiday with my kids and extended family. No one wanted to go to the parade with me so I went by myself. I especially wanted to see this in our parade:

It is a demonstration of an event that took place in The Book of Mormon in which 2,000 sons of parents who had committed to never take up arms volunteered to serve in the army to help protect the country who had harbored them as refugees. During the battle all 2,000 of them were seriously injured but not a single young man lost his life. It was terribly emotional to watch these young men (and boys) march past. It definitely touched my heart to think of the sacrifices good men and women make to protect our freedom. It was incredible!

After the parade, I grabbed my kids and we headed over to my Mom's house for some food and fun. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I have a great extended family, and I ADORE my nephews and nieces. Love them like my own without a doubt. It was just a perfect way to spend the holiday, and I'm feeling much more refreshed as I head back to work.

How are you spending your summer living and making memories?

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  1. I am glad you are stepping back a little. You certainly need the break. :) I am spending my summer making memories, in between house projects. Why is it they always take much longer than you anticipate? LOL I am only doing scrapbooking for DT assignments and not for me. So, I am spending very little time in that room. I am quite liking it. Summers are short up here. It will be cold in October. Kids go back to school in a month. I would rather spend it with them.


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