Memories Made #15 Scrapbooking Process Video: 2 Decades

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This week's memory: Anniversary Gift

This week I'm documenting a recent memory. On May 21st, my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. I can hardly believe it's been 20 years. In some ways it's gone fast, and in other ways it's seemed like forever. I'm sure you can relate. For our anniversary he gave me two dozen roses, one dozen for each of the decades we've spent together. It was a really sweet gesture so I wanted to remember it always.

Here is the layout I created:

This week's techniques: Combining Photos from Two Events

Sometimes I need an extra photo or two on an event layout to help document my feelings. For this layout I already had several photos of the roses to choose from, but I also wanted to include a photo of my husband and I on the layout as well. So I went in search of photos I could use. I found these photos of us in our Disneyland photo folder. Although they are not from the same event, they do help convey the flowers were from him, which is what I was trying to accomplish.

Here are the close-up photos of this layout, which shows both sets of photos:

You can watch the helpful, start-to-finish video tutorial HERE on my Youtube channel or below to learn how I incorporated these techniques into my layout: 

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  1. Jen this is so pretty! Love the color combo and composition! Love your videos too!

  2. Aww, Jen!! This is so pretty!!! I too love the colors and your videos!! Happy Anniversary!! (My 18th wedding anniversary was May 20th. :) I can't believe how fast it has gone either. And it does feel like we have been together forever.. but we dated 6 yrs before we got married and I met my DH in 1984 when we were in high school.)

  3. JLBOhio2:59 PM

    So beautiful!!! 20 years is great!! Happy Anniversary! Great tip about using photos from other occasions! Thanks!


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