10 Ways to Support Your Favorite Designers

Recently someone asked on Two Peas in a Bucket's General Scrappin' forum, how they could better support the Garden Girl designers and their work. I thought that first, that was very sweet; and second, perhaps a list of ways you can help a designer grow and expand might be helpful.

Perhaps you have a craft or lifestyle blog that you like to follow. Maybe you really enjoy a particular company's art. There are lots of small and large size businesses and designers that could use YOUR help. Here are 10 ways you can help a designer grow her business:

1. Purchase supplies from the product list for items they create. Most professional designers receive a very small commission on the products they help to sell. It's not a lot, but it does help to subsidize the costs of materials over time. It also helps us recognize what products you'd like to see used or which products are more popular with our readers. Simply click on their product links to give the designer credit for the purchase that you make.

(See Jen Kinkade's beautiful work HERE.)

2. Subscribe to their video channels and watch their videos. Having more subscribers on a channel, gives the artist more credibility with Youtube, Vimeo, etc. allowing the designer the opportunity to import longer videos, make additional income, and much more. Liked videos and videos with more views get higher priority on sites like Youtube, which means they show up in relevant searches more often and more people are introduced to the designer's work.

(Click HERE to view Wilna's Youtube channel.)

3. Leave a comment. Although we can often check our statistics for where visitors are coming from, what visitors click on, and how often a post is viewed, what we really want is some interaction. We want to get to know our readers so we can offer better and more relevant content for you. When you enjoy something, a short comment in the online gallery, blog, Facebook page, or Pinned item helps us know what people like and what isn't working. It's a great way to get more of what you love!

(Click HERE to view Jill Sprott's amazing gallery.)

4. Take a class. Several designers offer on-line, self-paced classes through Big Picture Scrapbooking, Studio Calico, 2Peas, True Scrap, and more. Start with an inexpensive class to get a feel for the designer as a teacher. Then you can add more classes as you find the designers whose teaching style matches you best. Want to take a local class from a favorite designer? Be sure to speak with your store owner about arranging for a special class with them. Many designers travel to various locations to teach. This is an opportunity to meet them one-on-one and have a more hands-on learning experience.

(Click HERE to check out all the 2Peas workshops!)

5. Follow them. Become their Facebook fan. Follow them on Twitter. Follow a board or the designer on Pinterest. Love their Instagram photos. Like their Facebook posts. When a designer has more followers, they are introduced to new audiences which helps us grow our personal communities.

(Click HERE to follow Paige Evans on Pinterest.)

6. Spread the word. Help share the love by retweeting, sharing Facebook links, or pinning a project from their blog or other social media outlets. You are the very best way to help others discover us! You really make a difference in how we can grow and do exciting new things.

(Click HERE to find more of Celinne's amazing work.)

7. Make a request. A friendly, polite request for a certain technique, or a new video based on a product is always welcome. While we can't always meet the demand, we do look to our readers and followers for new ideas. We obviously want to offer you what you most want to see.

8. Purchase their art. Many designers create works of art for sale. Check to see if your favorite designer creates paper, crafts, or other items. If you love your purchase, tell others! Share the link to the item that you purchased with your Facebook friends, and followers to help share the artist's shop and drive more business to their site.

(Click HERE to find Jennifer Priest's beautiful Etsy shop.)

9. Keep criticism constructive. Since many of our products, designs, etc. are created from our heart, sometimes it's hard to hear criticism about our work. But we also want to grow and improve. When leaving reviews or comments for a product, project, or workshop, remember there is a person behind the design. While we do welcome suggestions for positive change, a comment that is simply meant to hurt benefits no one. Rather tell us what you'd like to see, how we can improve, and why things work or don't work for you.

10. Become a sponsor or advertiser. Many designers offer ad space on their website. If you're also a designer or business, you can purchase space to advertise your own business. This helps direct traffic to both you and the designer. Don't want to purchase an ad? Offer a special giveaway to the designer they can share through their social media. Again, this helps you and it helps them.

These are just 10 ways you can help a designer to grow their business or their website. I'm sure you can think of additional ways you'd either like to be helped or ways you can help another designer. I'd love to hear your suggestions below. Simply leave a comment in the comments section below with your ideas.


  1. Jennifer, GREAT post. Sharing right now! Thanks...

  2. Love this--very true and a great way to let followers know some good ways to support the designers they love :) Thank you for featuring my shop too---such an honor!

  3. So very true. I must admit most the "sharing" I do online these days I learned from other scrappers who made me wonder- wait- why did she do that? I would look it up and realize oh YEAH- social media is SOCIAL not just for me to constantly blab about what I'm doing right now- LOL!.

    I was unsure how to use Twitter before. Now I retweet people's scrap related tweets that I like. Before I would leave a comment but skip "sharing" a post on facebook since I already read it but now I share that as well.

    I regularly buy from people's personal Etsy but now I also pin their products or add their shops to my "circle" so others can see who's shops I love. Great post Jen- will be pinning this- we really should support each other right now as it seems the scrap world is being rocked by the recession.

  4. Heather V (alone_inacrowdedroom)10:33 AM

    Thanks for sharing this, Jen! I for one didn't know about purchasing through the linked products at the bottom of videos until a few months ago. So good to know more ways we an support you talented ladies!

  5. I will attempt to find you on Facebook!

  6. You got it Jen! I think you are the best, and I will always try to support you any way that I can. Take care. :)

  7. Kelly5:14 PM

    Thanks for posting this. I'm a Pea and I had no idea that designers got credit for purchases using the links below their projects/videos until that recent post. I will be changing my shopping habits now (before I saved items to my wish list) I'm a big video watcher so, I'm going to subscribe now to my favorites.

  8. love this post ;) pinning away :)

  9. Great post. It's nice to know how we can help. I do enjoy your blog and 2 Peas work.

  10. Anonymous8:04 AM

    great post!


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