Memories Made #10: Hello (Layering & Photo Booth Photo Strips)

Welcome back to this weekly video series. Now that the laundry piles are little more manageable, I'm ready to dive back into filming videos each week. This week I'll show you how I create a Photo Booth photo strip in Photoshop. I'll also walk you through the approach I take when layering items on a page.

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This week's memory: My Son's Love of Building

When I'm working on a page from the past, I also think about the future. In this journaling I talk about how James has always loved building, and also how I wonder if he might be an architect when he grows up. Be sure to capture both your observations of the event, and your thoughts about the future when adding journaling to your page:

Here is the layout I created using this journaling I've described:

This week's technique: Photo Booth Strips and Layering

Sometimes I have a lot of photos of one event. To include more photos on my layout without taking up too much space on my page, I'll create a photo booth strip. I do this by using Photoshop. You can see in the video the steps I take to make these strips. You could also create a strip by simply cropping your photos to the size you desire (make them all the same size) and then layering them on white cardstock. Photo booth strips are a fun alternative to regular 4x6" photos.

I also share a few tips and tricks for how I approach layering. It's tough to know when to add a new layer, but hopefully after watching the video I'll give you some new ideas for this approach.

Here are the close up photos of this layout:

You can watch the helpful, start-to-finish video tutorial HERE on my Youtube channel or below. You can pause the video during the tutorial if you'd like to give the Photo Booth photo strip tutorial a try. (I'd love to hear if you gave it a go or if you discovered a new idea for using these types of photos on your layouts.)

Below I've suggested the products you might consider when creating a similar layout (including the products used on this layout). If an item is out of stock, be sure to search for similar items by using words like "mini album" or "die cut shapes" to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Suggested Products (click the photos for links to the products):


  1. Your pages are always so fabulous!!! I love this one as well. Ben is into building too. He took his money last night and bought a new Star Wars Lego set. :) Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  2. Amazing! I feel like scraplifting this right now! Love everything about it - colors, layers, photo placement, arrows, numbers... Eye candy!

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

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  4. This is so cute. I have been scrapbooking my friend's blog, this would be so cute for one of those pages. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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