Product Focus Week 8: Ribbons

Welcome back to this week's "Product Focus." In these weekly blog posts, I'll share a scrapbooking product I'm particularly drawn to, and then share some ways I've used the product in a project. I'll point out tips and tricks for using the product, share some of my favorite products from that product line, and then I'll open it up for any questions you might have. I'd also love to hear your reviews or uses for the product I focus on each week. This is a chance for you to pull out products you already own and play with them or for you to discover new product you might not have yet tried.

This week I wanted to focus on a product that is a craft crossover product: ribbon. Ribbon started showing up on layouts well over 10 years ago. Now you can find in any craft store, but there are also many scrapbooking manufacturers that have added ribbon to their collections. Ribbon can lay flat on a layout or add a touch of texture. Ribbon comes in a variety of widths, styles, and textures and is a great basic embellishment to keep on hand.

Here are a few of my favorite ribbon or trim style (click the photos for links to the products). You can also search by "ribbon" HERE at 2Peas or "trim" HERE for additional product ideas.

Below you will find a gallery of projects that use ribbons Hopefully these will give you some new ideas for using ribbons on your projects.

Idea #1: Tie a frame with ribbon pieces.

 Source: Northridge Publishing Blog

Idea #2: Tie ribbons to twine to create kite ribbon.

Source: The Stamps of Life

Idea #3:  Stamp on the ribbon with Staz-On Ink.

Source: December 2011 Scrapbook Trends Magazine

I'd like to ask here how you are using ribbons on your layouts. Do you attach them with staples or brads? Do you have a style or color you find yourself using often? Do you tie your ribbon into knots or bows? Share your completed projects through links in the comments section or by sharing your ideas with the other readers. If you have a question about ribbons, please post it in the comments section below. I will answer some of them in my next "Product Focus" post, and I may just feature one of your projects in an upcoming post.


  1. I will be paying alot of attention this week, I have tons of ribbon!

  2. I rarely have a layout with some sort of ribbon on but I think people are forgetting it with the rise of washi tape. I'll always love it. I wanted to have a ribbon shop since I was a little girl!

  3. Gorgeous layouts! Thank you for the inspiration. Take care. :)

  4. I use to add ribbon to all of my layouts but not lately. Maybe should start that again!

  5. Your layouts are gorgeous! I don't use ribbon as much as I used to, but I still love and hoard it. I love that it can be knotted and tied into bows like washi tape cannot. I think my favorite way to adhere it is using my Beacon's liquid 3-in-1 glue. I love that it is fairly invisible even on sheer ribbons and it doesn't seep through or wrinkle the paper badly.

  6. I usually end up tying my ribbon into bows on my layouts and tend to knot them on my cards. Is that strange? :-)
    Great post and I love the layouts you showcased!


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