Memories Made #2: Celebrate Childhood

Welcome to a brand new scrapbooking tutorial series called "Memories Made with Jen Gallacher." In this series I'll pick a memory I want to include in my scrapbooks. Then I'll create the layout start-to-finish all while sharing some tips and tricks for using the papers, embellishments, and products I've chosen.

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This week's memory: A Childhood Obsession

I love to read. I mean I REALLY love to read. Every night before I go to bed I will read either a home decor or scrapbooking magazine, or I will read my current favorite title. This love of reading began quite early in my life, and I wanted to document how it all began. I started with a photo of some of my favorite teenage books. I'm about to take them to a donation site as I no longer have room for them or the time to reread them. Getting rid of them is hard for me. I always thought I could run a library some day with the amount of books I currently own (sadly, it's true). But I want to share the love of reading with other avid readers, so I'm going to let them go. To help me say good-bye, I created a layout about my feelings towards reading in general. Here is the layout I created in today's video:

And here are some close-up photos of the completed layout:

You can watch the helpful, start-to-finish video tutorial HERE on my Youtube channel or below. Watch for ways to incorporate items that work well with the books or reading theme. Look for subtle details that add to this theme or add a little sparkle to the page.

Below I've suggested the products you might consider when creating a similar layout (including the products used on this layout). If an item is out of stock be sure to search for similar items by using words like "index card," or "sentiment stamps" to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favorite memories with you, as well as, share my insider tips and tricks for documenting these special events. I hope you'll join in on the fun!

Suggested Products (click the photos for links to the products):


  1. Another awesome video!
    I love to read as well and I love to read to my children too, but I have never really documented it.
    Again loving this series!

  2. Jersey Girl Anne3:53 PM

    I am just curious as to why you arent saving the books you loved as a teen for you own kids. Are they really out of date or classic?

  3. Anonymous2:36 AM

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  4. I love this idea. I also love to read, but hadn't thought of scrapbooking it. It makes perfect sense, though, and definitely something I want future generations to know about me.

  5. JLBOhio10:51 AM

    Great video, page and idea! Thanks for sharing and doing this video!


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