Happy Valentine's Event Day #5: Valentine Banner

Today I wanted to create a little Valentine banner. I didn't really have a plan in mind when I started the project so you can see my thinking process a little bit more in this video. I typically pull out several papers, embellishments and such that I think I might use. Some items don't make the cut (such as the cupcake wrappers I thought might be cute on the banner), but many of them do. This is the project I created for you today:

It hangs from a standing frame. You could add a title at the top of the frame or even a family photo. There's a lot of ways to use this particular stand. I purchased it recently from my local Hobby Lobby store in their Valentine section.

Below is the tutorial process video on creating the banner. You can see how I change my mind and try some different things, which gives you a little more insight into my process (which is typically behind the scenes on the video). You can also watch the video HERE on my Youtube channel.

I've suggested a few projects below that will make creating this banner both fun and easy. You can mix and match items you already have on hand or add to your collection with some new favorites. Be sure to check out 2Peas Valentine products HERE. Right now you may qualify for a free gift just by purchasing some of these Valentine products.

Suggested Products (click the photos for the product information):

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  1. Thanks for the video, love the process and looking at it gave me ideas.


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