Happy Valentine's Event Day #1: Treat Bags

Welcome to the first day of my "Happy Valentines" FREE blog event. Throughout this week, I'm going to share lots of Valentine projects, cards, and layouts that are BRAND NEW. Hopefully you'll feel inspired to create your own Valentine projects for those you love whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

Today I'll show you how to take little bags like these:

And turn them into this:

See my process on this start-to-finish video tutorial below (or watch it HERE on my Youtube channel).

Below I've suggested a few products you can use to recreate these bags or to design your own. Look for elements in red, pink, grey, and black whether they are Valentine themed or not.  Use the words "love," "heart," and "Valentine" to search for additional product suggestions.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next video and project! It's one of my favorites and it's quick and easy to create.

Suggested Products (click photos for links to the product information):


  1. These are adorable and super sweet! I love the mini series you offer on your blog!

  2. JLBOhio10:18 AM

    Great start to the series! Love these little bags!

  3. Love the first day :) those bags are super sweet

  4. The bags are so cute. I am excited to see what your mini series has in store for us. I love your work!

  5. Nice blog!
    Anyone like to surprise your Lover in a different way in this Valentine?
    This is for you.


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