Elf on the Shelf Week #1

We have been looking for something fun to do with our kids this Christmas. At 16 and 9 they have outgrown many of our previous traditions. It's hard to know what to do that everyone will enjoy. Browsing on Pinterest I noticed so many fun "Elf on the Shelf" ideas that I thought perhaps this year we'd give it a try.

Since we already have the open a holiday book each night tradition, we started with the "Elf on the Shelf" book on December 1st:

Kate named the little dude "Norman" and James quite liked that name so it stuck. Since they're both old enough to participate in some of the holiday traditions, all four of us take turns preparing Norman for the next day.

Here's what Norman has been up to this week.

We can hardly wait for next week's capers!


  1. He-he... such fun pictures!

  2. Cute! The pooper-scooper is hilarious!


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