Seasonal Sampler Day #8: Holiday Wrap

Welcome to Day #8 of the "Seasonal Sampler" FREE blog event. Let's talk holiday wrap. No. Not Holiday RAP. Sadly my days of rapping are long over. Yes. I really did see MC Hammer in concert. Yeah. I'm cool like that. Hammer time!

No. Today I wanted to talk about beautiful ways to wrap up your holiday gifts. Did you know that you could use your patterned paper as the foundation for gift wrapping? If the gift is small enough, you can easily die cut or hand make a holiday bag/box for your special someone. Here are a few ideas for how I've created gift wrapped gifts for friends and loved ones:

Die cut pillow boxes from heavy weight patterned paper.

Die cut flat boxes from cardstock and patterned paper and decorate.

Use one holiday collection kit to die cut several boxes.

Decorate a plain brown paper bag with die cut shapes and stickers.

Use a unique holiday color scheme to create beautiful boxes.

Below I've suggested a few holiday products that will help you dress up your holiday presents. Try adding a few stickers to your gifts, or die cut a box from your favorite paper. No matter how you choose to make your gifts special, your loved ones will appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making their day special!

Suggested Products (click photos for links to the products):


  1. These are really pretty. I opened an email from Archiver's this morning and who do I find?? Kate and James. :) I was thinking, hey, I know those faces! :) EP now has their own divided page protectors? :) Very cool!


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