What Can You Do with a 6x6 Paper Pad?

I am completely and fully addicted to 6x6 paper pads. It's a sickness I tell you, but a good one. Promise. Join in on the fun. Many companies take their patterns from their full-sized patterned papers and scale them down to fit on a 6x6 paper pad. This makes designing even more fun with the teeny tiny patterns.

So what CAN you do with a 6x6 paper pad? Here a few ideas:
Create a Card (the cake frosting was stamped onto a small 6x6 paper pad):

Stamp Source: Jane Beljo

Create Banners (Cut banners in varying widths and heights from the paper pad):

Stamp on the Patterns (same technique as on the card above):

Create a Grid Design (Cut paper down to create a cool grid design and embellished as desired):

Here are just a few suggestions on paper pads that I'm loving right now. Whether you're a card maker, a stamper, or a layout designer these pads are a great idea (and a super great deal):

Paper Pad Suggestions (click the photos for links to the products):


  1. I love all the layouts (you're so awesome), but the Silly girl layout with all the colorful banners is amazing--Pure eye candy! Thanks for sharing ways to use the 6x6 pads--I've been collecting a ton of them and I need to start remembering to use them more. :)

  2. These are my new favorite things to collect! Thank you for the inspiration for actually using them!

  3. I just did a series on using 6x6 pads too - I LOVE them! I used them for a quadrant design, tags and cards, layered circles for embellishments, cutting titles and flowers, a mini book (the style that you inspired!), and recreating the look of the paper designs by cutting and overlapping scallops / hexagons etc. The miniaturised patterns are so great for smaller details aren't they because the colours are denser and I don't squeal so much when I cut into a smaller piece of paper! ;-)


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