Where in the World Has This Blogger Been?

I rarely take a blogging break. I LOVE journaling! It's relaxing, cathartic, and just one of the things I actually look forward to. So when I step away from my blog it's because wild horses dragged me away. Well, actually it's because things have been slightly chaotic around here these days. I thought I'd give you a small glimpse into my life during the past week.

For those of you not in the scrapbooking industry, this is the week before CHA (the Craft & Hobby Association tradeshow). As an employee for a major manufacturer, that means I'm neck deep (and sometimes drowing) in show preparations. This week alone, I proofed a brand new line for Echo Park checking for spelling errors and such. I created 20 new projects to be shown at the Carta Bella and Echo Park Paper booths. I am prepping the website to upload the new lines we will be showing at the show (check the Echo Park Paper website on Tuesday). We have held lots of weekly meetings to discuss marketing strategies and new products and calendar items. We are working SUPER hard to get things ready. It's definitely going to be a great show! Here's a little sneak peek of what you'll see from the show:

In addition to my work for Echo Park, I'm working on something TOP SECRET for 2Peas. I think you'll like it. It's exciting for me, and I hope it will be for you too. I'll be digging in deep to this new project over the next couple of weeks. This week has been prepping and planning. Also, watch for a NEW Memory Keeping Monday video from me at 2Peas on Monday! I can't believe it's my turn already. In addition, I've been eagerly watching 2Peas for the new show products. Be sure to check out all the new products HERE! Join me also next week for a CHAT at 2Peas. More details to follow soon!

I revealed on Facebook but not here on my blog that I will be teaching at two of this year's CKU's (Creating Keepsake University). I will be at the San Jose, CA and Stamford, CT events teaching an album track for Echo Park Paper. I've been prepping a fun little mini album just for YOU! It's going to be full of little techniques you might not have tried yet in your scrapbooks. Plus we'll be focusing on discussing how you can incorporate ephemera into your scrapbooks more often.

Besides teaching, designing, editing, etc. I recently had a big change in my personal life. For the past four years I've served as the leader over the women in my ward (congregation). I had the amazing opportunity to serve with the most hard-working, faithful women. I have said a lot of prayers, shed a lot of tears, and felt a great deal of love and joy over the past four years. Recently I was released from my calling (which is how we receive a job in our church). After a short, two week break, I was called as the Primary Chorister (which is the person over the singing for the children). Let me just say right now: "I DON'T SING!" Now stick me behind a piano, and I can play all day (although I'm no concert pianist). This calling is challenging, terrifying, and WAY outside of my comfort zone. But I truly love the kids and feel happy to be around them. These past two weeks I've been transitioning from being with the adult women to learning how to teach children through music. It's been quite a ride!

Also in my personal life, I've also taken on the role of chauffer. I swear I'm in the car more than I'm at home. My daughter works at a water park several miles away, which requires a 30 minute drive in one direction. She's a busy teenager and has lots of activities and such to be at. Her Dad and I take turns driving her and her friends where they need to be. Suddenly I'm feeling VERY motivated about helping her get her Driver's License this fall.

So obviously this week has been slightly insane. I've been working 10-15 hour days and doing the parent and church thing quite a bit. I'm going to slow down a bit over the next week to recuperate. Look for new videos, projects, giveaways (look for one tomorrow) and such here on the blog. Thank you for your patience during my absence! I can't wait to get back to blogging!


  1. Oh wow! Sounds like you've been QUITE busy!! :) Looking forward to seeing some of the stuff you've been working on. Welcome back!

  2. wow Jen you are busy!! but I am wondering: if you spend your day in the car?? when do you find time to work?? at night?? poor you!

  3. I get up between 3 and 5 a.m. to work. And then work at night when necessary. I've also been known to work in the car while I'm waiting for someone to come out from their activity. :)


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