Happy 4th of July and a 2Peas Share!

Today I'll be spending time with my family. Hopefully it will include some relaxing as it has been absolutely crazy around these parts as I gear up for the CHA-Summer tradeshow. No. I will not be attending. But I am helping Echo Park Paper prepare to go, and it is a LOT of work. It's going to be pretty fantastic, and I'm hoping they will have a great show. Here's a tiny sneek peak at one of their collections you'll spot at the show:
In addition to being deep in CHA preparation, I'm working on some other SUPER cool things. More details to come on those items SOON! If you could see my craft room right now, you would die. It looks terrible. More than one child (and perhaps a spouse) has tripped over something in my room. I think I need to take out some physical injury insurance on the place.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share a 2Peas project I recently had go live at 2Peas. Be sure to check the gallery every Monday as the Garden Girls' projects are released weekly. This particular photo was a rare find. I was looking for something else and discovered this photo with my daughter looking on innocently, and my son mischieviously winking. Hilarious and very true to form. From there I built the page:

Here is a closeup of the layout. I can't remember the last time I used vellum, but I love the way it looks overlaying the patterned papers--so subtle and so pretty. (To see more photos of this layout be sure to check it out at 2Peas HERE!)

I think when you're using a sophisticated color scheme like the mustard yellow, leaf green, and rose red in this layout, it's a good idea to switch your photos to black and white. I darkened the final photo up a bit. I like a bold contrast in my photos. Some people like a more muted black and white photo. Not this girl--make mine dark and dramatic. LOL!

Below you will find the products I used to create this layout. I did some stamping on the mustard yellow pennant and incorporated several different lines to get the layout just where I wanted it.
Supplies: (click photos for links)


  1. Jen, the layout is just wonderful and your choice to use the black and white photo really balanced the look beautifully! Such a cute photo too! :)

  2. Such a fabulous page, Jen!!! I hope you have a relaxing day with your family!!!

  3. Great layout and cute photo. I love vellum and it looks great over the patterned paper.

  4. Jen, this layout is awesome! Love, love, love all your work. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. margaretarelene9:46 AM

    Jen, your layouts are always so perfect and inspiring. I think you should be required to post a video of every layout you make - I love watching how you put them together! Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Be careful don't take on to much and get stressed out.


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