Tuesday Tip: What to Do When You Lose Your Creative Mojo

This happens to me often. All of a sudden I find myself in my office, pushing paper and stickers and photos around on the page. Nothing feels right. I hate everything I create. I just can't seem to get it right even though I'm in the mood to be creative.

Whenever I feel this way I do one of the following things:

* Create a card.
* Try a new technique.
* Pull out a new product.
* Browse inspiration boards for a jumping off point.
* Look to a sketch.
* Try a new color combination.
* Put on some inspiring tunes.
* Take time for a photo shoot giving me new photos to create with.
* Just walk away for a while doing something that relaxes or energizes me depending upon what I need.

What do you do when the scrapbooking mojo takes a hike? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. I just take a break from it. I also do some of what you do, and do something different, or play with new products. Sometimes doing something for me vs. DT also helps.

  2. I'm a walk away and come back later person too. Amazing how doing something else can get the creative bit of me going again.

  3. great tips! i usually organize my supplies. i usually find something i forgot i had and that will sometimes help get inspired. :)

  4. Sometimes I'll grab an album or two and look at previous layouts I've done. I usually find something I really liked; color combo, journaling, technique, and it gets my mind going again.


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