Dear Autumn Leaves Designers!

Dear Autumn Leaves Designers,

I just want you to know that you rock my world. Even after several years without a new title (and the fact that you are no longer in business), I continue to browse through your amazing work in some of my favorite idea books.

You taught me that vellum was COOL:

You encouraged me to add texture to my projects:

You had me digging through my sewing treasures:

You gave me the courage to try stamping:

You encouraged me to pull out my sewing machine and rob my fabric stash:

You were innovative, out of the box, creative! I spent hours devouring your pages, trying to learn your techniques, and wishing to emulate your fabulousness. I love every title I could get my hands on and would hoard coupons just to purchase you. I stalk many of your blogs and look to you as the "designers that changed the scrapbooking world". You pushed me to do more, do it better, and make it work. You heavily influenced my approach as an editor. And helped set the bar for what readers could and SHOULD expect from an idea book. Thank you for your years of inspiration!

Where are they now?

Here is where you can find some of these amazing designers and what they are up to these days.

Renee Camacho
Leslie Lightfoot
Jennifer McGuire
Robyn Werlich
Becky Novacek
Kelli Crowe
Jen Lessinger
Lisa Russo
Elsie (Flannigan) Larsen
Emily Falconbridge
Jamie Waters
Sande Krieger

And these are just a FEW of the amazing people they had on their team. Loved them ALL!

Do you have a favorite idea book series or book that you cling to? I'd love to hear about it. I'm always looking for inspiration beyond the magazines I already love, hoard, and read until the covers fall off.


  1. Anonymous6:03 AM

    thanks for the love! I miss those DW Days sometimes and all the creative excitement surrounding each project.

  2. I have some of those books, they are fabulous!

  3. I loved these! I read Designing With Words so much that the binding fell apart and I took it to Staples and had it spiral bound. Then I liked it ever more because it stayed flat when I had it open on a table. Good times!

  4. Thanks for the memories ... I loved this series!!

  5. LOVE these books! Some of my favorites too!

  6. I still have almost all of these books... I keep meaning to pull out that texture one again - I haven't looked at it since I began my love affair with modeling paste. lol. Still so much good stuff... Thanks for the links!

  7. Aw...

    Molly Berke
    (The Book Editor for the DW Series)

  8. Wonderful post! Takes me back to where I was in this creative process of mine. I totally felt the same way about Autumn Leaves and the idea books! I devooured the texture and stamping books, I was so inspired by them. I still pull them out to relearn some of the techniques. Thanks for the storoll down memory lane!

  9. These were my favorite books!!!

  10. Shannon Brouwer10:59 PM

    Loved each and everyone of these. They are the only ones that I saved. The rest I just kept bits and pieces of. I own them all and still look at them for inspo :)

  11. Thanks for the sweet shout-out girl! Those books are all my favs! They were the BEST books ever! I love love love them and now need to go look through them all! LOL! Hugs!

  12. I still have them all, and love them :)

  13. Wow, ur kickin it old school on this post. Love it!!

  14. Thanks for the memories Jen! I loved those days : ) I miss them. I still look at the books from time to time! I do love that I get to work with you now : )


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