Confident Kids

I wasn't a super confident child. Meaning I wasn't sure of myself all the time, I suffered from bouts of shyness, and I didn't always feel comfortable in my own skin. However I wasn't a shrinking violet either. I loved people, chatted up a storm, joined clubs, tried new things. I think I was a little more confident than I was shy, but like I said I was never super confident.

Now my daughter, on the other hand, is super confident. She tried out for a school musical by singing a solo when she has never sung in public before EVER. She takes dressing up for school spirit days very seriously and will often leave home in a crazy outfit that I wouldn't have been caught dead in (not inappropriate--just crazy fun). And she can laugh at herself. I couldn't ever do that. I still can't. She can trip, or make a mistake, or forget something and she laughs about it. I love her self-confidence.

I wish I knew the secret for raising confident kids. We love our kids. We tell them often we are proud of them and try to be involved in their lives. But that isn't all it takes to raise a confident kid. Some kids just seem born with something special inside them--some knowledge of their own divine nature. I wish I could bottle it up. I wish I could use some of it myself.
On this particular day, she gathered these photo props herself and asked me to stop working so we could have a little photo shoot. I would NEVER do that. I still don't like having my picture taken. But I'm so happy to have a child that does love it--that knows how to have fun and still be humble and sweet. I'm a very lucky, mama. And I tell her that often.

For additional photos of this project, be sure to check out the project page here at 2Peas. This served as one of my monthly Garden Seeds, and it is bright and happy like my daughter's amazing personality.
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  1. sweet post ... awesome layout! :)

  2. Fun page! You are so lucky to have such a confident daughter. Mine is the opposite. Very shy. Sweet, but exceedingly shy and unsure of herself.

  3. What a fun page! The colors are so fun which are perfect for the photos!

  4. such a fun story to go with that awesome LO!

  5. Great layout! Your girl is adorable!

  6. absolutely LOVE this!


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