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Ever feel like you're the only one on Pinterest? You get lost in searching and pinning and suddenly back on the main page, every single pin is YOURS! The mortification!! Now everyone will think you have unlimited free time on your hands, no real life to speak of, and you've flooded the gallery with items that clearly give away the fact that you're either 1) pinning more than creating, or 2) you're a pin hoarder.

I feel that way any time I do a basic search. I try to limit myself to only pinning 4 or 5 pins (I mean there must be some kind of etiquette involved), but I get carried away just like anyone else.

Lately I've been searching for "Valentine" inspiration. Class parties and the mad dash of Valentine creating is right around the corner. It's time to get cracking and get crafting!

Pins that have caught my eye lately? These would have to be a few:

Heart Pillow from Vanessa Christenson:

Valentine Mini Tags Card from Lily Bean Paperie:

Heart Banner by Amy Heller for SRM Stickers:

See what I mean? I'm sure your itchy fingers are dying to get crafty. To help you gather the supplies you might need to make masterpieces like these, I've linked a few Valentine-inspired products below. Perhaps something will spark your interest, inspire you to get creative, and then before you know it I'll be pinning your project. Be sure to send me a link to something crafty and creative you've made lately. I'd love to see it!

Valentine Products: (Click photos for links to suggested products)


  1. I'm just like that, I occasionally get on and when I do, I pin like a mad

  2. Thank you Jen! You are so sweet.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Seriously LOVE that pillow! ❤


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