Snow Totals

If you measure the amount of snow on our ground right at this very moment, it would be zero. But this weekend before it all melted away we had about 3/4". Now that's just enough to get me excited about the pending holidays. Who doesn't love a white Christmas, right? (Ok, I have enjoyed Christmas at the beach and that was pretty awesome too.) I found a great cinnamon roll candle that I've been burning the past couple of days. The poor husband keeps thinking I'm baking. Silly husband! Doesn't he know me better than that?

When it turns cold I start digging out our snow clothes and wondering where we've stored the sleds. The kids start really paying attention to the holiday ads and the Christmas wish lists get a little longer (which is too bad because Santa's done shopping at our house).

Just to celebrate the return of winter (and you can tell we've had a nice long summer and fall because I RARELY ever celebrate winter), I pulled out this photo from last year's winter activities. I wanted to use this with the new Echo Park Paper "Winter Park" collection now shipping to stores. I really do love this collection, and I'm sure you will too. With the blues, browns, and reds, it will make you want to celebrate winter too!


  1. Totally love that layout. I LOVE all the tickets that you used but the star of the show has gotta be that little boy! Dang, he's cute!!

  2. Makes me wish it snowed here in Texas . Boo

  3. Forgot to ask what was the brand of the candle?


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