Sum, Sum, Summertime!

We're knee deep into summer, and while it hasn't gone exactly as I planned when the kids start becoming uninterested in getting out and doing things they're either the most boring children on the planet or I've filled them up with enough to do. I sincerely hope it's the later!

Currently we have my nephew, Dylan, staying with us. I don't think I was ever such a responsible, kind teenager. Every first Sunday in our ward (congregation), we have a special meeting where members are invited to share their testimonies. No one is asked. It's completely on a volunteer basis based on whether you feel the prompting to get up and share your feelings or not. Kate often stands and goes to the front to do so. But Sunday, both Dylan and her egged each other on and then Dylan closely followed her to share his. What teenagers have a mutual desire to do good things and tease each other about getting it done? I'm amazed and completely impressed. I think the next generation of kids in our family is better than mine certainly was. Love that!

Today I have a quick and fairly easy tutorial on the Create blog using a belt buckle on a layout. I can hardly believe we've done 100 tutorial posts, but I love it! I hope you join in on the fun here:

You can find the supply list and complete instructions by reading through the post.


  1. this is gorgeous! always so inspiring with your use of color, Jen!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! Oh, thanks, too, for sharing your lovely layouts! I am a fan from Scrapbook Trends. It's so nice to meet you!

  3. great layout! :)

  4. it's been a long time since i've looked at any blogs. yours repeatedly makes me smile, makes me cry, impresses me with your cuteness, your wit and your talent...and almost always makes me miss fb's "like" button. ;) very grateful to call you friend. you are AMAZING.


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